Shakesphere in Hieroglyphs

This poster series attempts to translate Shakespearean quotes on death into hieroglyphs for the Egyptians. In Shakespeare's classical, he often portray death as something that merely happens. His take on death is fragile yet easygoing. However, ancient Egyptians take death very seriously. It is a sacred ritual to the afterlife and beyond.

Speak me fair in death
Shares the same philosophy between the two cultures. Egyptians write the book of the dead to make sure their good deeds are recorded. They want to live the afterlife and keep their heart.

Death-counterfeiting sleep
Resembles the Egyptians life. As if death was just a pretense to travel to the west and wake up from the east. They continue the Ra to Ka cycle everyday, defying death and living the afterlife.

Look upon thy death
Refers to the chaos during each dynasty. They have fought thousands of years, conquering and being conquered by enemies. The rulers are constantly looking at their own death because putting order to chaos is what they lived for.